While many companies can build an 802.11x wireless network; very few have the capabilities to effectively serve customers in a large public venue. The companies that succeed in providing broadband-on-demand services to a large number of users are those that provide outstanding system for operational support. The successful launch of any new product or service (particularly a technology-based service such as wireless Internet access) needs to provide a “hassle free” customer experience.
Our philosophy is to provide our clients and their guest/users with choice, convenience, and control over their experience. It is our back office OSS platform that controls the networks and high-speed Internet session established between computing devices without regard to network settings, session duration, and time of the request. In layman's terms, we provide all the necessary tools and technologies necessary for operating wireless hotspots from a central location. Our hosted, back-office management solution helps hotspot operators and service providers to easily setup hotspots in any public or private venues and operate them from a single console.
But this is only half the story. The other half of the story is all about support. Users of wireless networks need direction, and sometimes they need the support of a live customer care representative who can process their connection requests and provide the device ”tweaks” that enable easy access to a Wi-Fi network along with a sophisticated operational support system (OSS) for remotely managing wireless networks.
For more information on OSS backend services, please call us at (888) 228-7124 or
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