WiFi - An Evolving Solution
Resort owners, managers, and home owners associations are seeing broadband as a necessary amenity that increases both the number of guests and the average revenue per reservation.  With the growing presence of WiFi in public places, travelers expect and rely upon broadband availability. When choosing vacation or business travel accommodations, savvy travelers can check the Internet, whether through discount travel portals or the hotel brand website to see which hotels or resorts offer this increasingly demanded commodity.
Initially, broadband networks were deployed as wired solutions.  Over the past few years, wireless access has been the critical value-added communication demand of the traveling public.  However, much to the dismay of guests and property owners, WiFi networks require significant capital investment and many owner/operators have experienced unexpectedly high operational costs.

Furthermore, many hospitality operators accepted WiFi deployment proposals from traditional wired networking companies, most of whom had little or no experience with RF based technologies.  This supply-vacuum resulted in the use of off-the-shelf equipment that caused ongoing guest dissatisfaction with wireless service coverage, speed and accessibility of the network. These circumstances demanded a new type of wireless provider that understands the technical requirements of a successful network while providing a simple and accessible guest experience.  This is a fundamental aim of Ecco Wireless.

Ecco Wireless provides broadband services to a wide range of different market segments, each requiring customizable solution that are tailored to specific markets requirement.
We are focused on four main market segments…




Apartment Communities

Planned Communities

If you are interested in having an Wi-Fi system placed in your facility, please call us at (888) 228-7124 or click here to contact us
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