Ecco Wireless works with a wide range of telecommunications providers who can provide the right amount of bandwidth for your needs. We work with the most trusted T1, Cable, and DSL providers in the country to make sure you get the connection that meet the needs of your business.
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Types of Available Bandwidth Lines
T1 Line – Full
A full T1 Line is a 1.54 Mbps connection that transmits digital information at a rate of 1.54 megabits per second, and is relatively unaffected by distance. A full T1 line has 24 separate channels that can be allocated for either Voice or Data transmission, which allows some companies to offer an Integrated T1 Line. The lines provided by HIS have various guarantees for reliable bandwidth. A Full T1 from one of our major T1 Carriers is a prime choice for any company that relies on stable and dependable internet connectivity.
T1 line - Fractional
Fractional T1 lines are also available from almost every major T1 carrier. A "Frac T1" is a basic T1 with some of the 24 channels that carry bandwidth turned off. Fractional T1 lines can carry bandwidth at variable speeds from 56k to 1.1 Mbps, and allow you to turn on more channels if needed when your business grows
Fractional T3 Line
Fractional "T3" or "DS-3" lines are available from HIS. A Fractional T3 line is equivalent to a bundle of 28 T1s with many of the channels turned off. A T3 is not actually a bundle of T1s, though. Maximum capacity for a Fractional T3 line can vary widely up to 45 Mbps, which is a Full T3. A Frac T3 is the ideal solution for a company that has very large, reliable bandwidth requirements less than 45Mbps
DSL Business Class DSL provides a dedicated service over a single telephone line at 1.54 Mbps upstream and 6 megs or more downstream. However, keep in mind that DSL technology, while still being somewhat reliable, is no comparison to a dedicated T1 Line. This is a good option for small organizations where bandwidth requirements are not mission critical.
Business Class DSL
Business Class DSL provides a dedicated service over a single telephone line at 1.54 Mbps upstream and 6 megs or more downstream. Business Class DSL typically comes with uptime guarantees similar to those of T1 lines ensuring that your mission critical network sees higher uptime.
Cable provides service over coax lines with download speeds of 1.54 megs to over 20 megs. The uploads are normally 512K to 3 megs. Business Class Cable can also be gotten to ensure maximum uptime
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